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Hi, this is Nils.
I just started this blog today, and I‘m going to write about books! Reading them, writing them, also binding them.
There will be reviews of my favourite and of obscure books I‘d never heard before, and I will keep you all updated on my own writing progress. Also, I bind books by hand and will upload pictures of them!

I will write at least two reviews per month, and one of them will be a self or indie published book that you might not have come across otherwise. The other one is probably going to be from Terry Pratchett; I‘m a bit obsessed at the moment. Basically it will be a book I‘m passionate about, whether it’s super-famous or languishes in obscurity.

So, if you are a writer yourself and want me to review your book – get in touch! I will definitely review the first ten books suggested to me. (Unless there’s something about them that makes it impossible for me to finish them; for example too much horror or violence. That wouldn‘t necessarily mean it’s a bad book, just one I can‘t stomach. But even then, I‘ll write about my experiences trying to read through it.) I‘m excited about imaginative storytelling and engaging characters, and I will explain exactly why and how the book is excellent …or otherwise. My enthusiasm doesn‘t necessarily blind me towards possible flaws in a book.

I‘m a writer myself and that will always shine through in my reviews: I‘ll ramble about how and why the book inspired me and what I learned from it about the craft of writing. I will also write posts about the craft in general, not because I‘m such a genious and you should all learn from me, but because it’s what I‘m passionate about and what I want to figure out myself. I‘ll learn as much writing them as you will reading them – if indeed, you don‘t all go ‚duh!‘ and roll your eyes. In which case I would be delighted to hear from you! After all, the reason I started this blog is to talk to you all about books and writing.